About Cork

7 Amazing Benefits of Cork Products:
  1. 100% Organic Material - eco-friendly, animal free and vegan. 
  2. Water Resistant - cork products are fully water resistant, avoiding oxidation and deterioration.
  3. Remarkable Durability - due to cork's natural strength, cork products will last 20-25 years with proper care.
  4. Lightweight - cork weighs approximately 0.16g per cubic centimeter. Making it one of the lightest materials on the market.
  5. Elastic Memory - cork material can handle substantial stress without breaking. If stretched, the material will eventually return to it's original form once the pressure subsides.
  6. Remarkably Smooth - extremely soft to the touch and comfortable to wear as cork's natural temperature is similar to that of the human body.
  7. Easy Clean - use a damp cloth and a PH-neutral detergent (such as soap) to clean. Due to cork's water resistance, this will not damage the material.
Where Does Cork Come From?
Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree which grows naturally in the montado region of Portugal. Following 25 years of initial growth, the outer layer of bark can be harvested every 9 years during it's 200+ year life cycle. Harvesting the tree's outer layer of bark is not detrimental to the growth of the tree as all of it's essential core elements are preserved. In fact, it allows the tree to regulate it's temperature more efficiently and absorb 5 times more carbon dioxide. Over a 9 year period, the cork tree will regenerate a stronger layer of bark, thus making the harvesting of cork a 100% sustainable process.